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The best part of Soapmaking

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

February in Mendocino!

The Rosemary is blooming, Calendulas are bursting and even my Chamomile is holding strong.

The Calendula is infused in organic oil to make our "Orange Calendula" soap, with the dried petals to top it off.

The Rosemary is dried, ground and added to the soap oils for the "Rosemary" bar. I home-distilled the Rosemary for essential oil adding incredible fragrance and potent antibacterial qualities.

The Chamomile is also brewed into tea and added to our "Chamomile" soap for gentle exfoliation and the whole herb benefits.

The best part of soap making for me is being in nature.

Pure Potent Plant Power 🌿💫🌎💕

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